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Alongside the evolvement of human race differents type of treatment modalities came into foray. Each proposed its own interpretation of human body, its functioning and the various aliments causing imbalance in the body. Of all the oldest modalities, Acupuncture is perhaps among the very few which is still widely practiced and dates back to the stone age when “Bian stone” was used to cure disease (proven by excavation in the middle province of china). The available detailed manuscript of acupuncture is “ Huang Di Ni Jing “ written almost 3500 years back.

I privilege to be a part of Acupuncture fraternity and serve the community as a Homoeopathy consultant and medical Acupuncturist by DR.R.KALAIYARASI

★ Naturopathy ★ Homoeopathy ★ Yoga ★ Acupunture ★ Varma Therapy ★