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I was a diabetic patient and was on 4 tablets per day and now after the acupuncture therapy i live without a single tablet and on normal diet. Now we feel we have more energy and we are able to perform our daily routines better day-to-day as a result of these treatments. Now we don’t need to avoid any of our favorite foods like ice creams and so on. Thank You Doctor, for we are healthier now. Your skills helped us. We wish the doctor a long healthier life. And also we pray to “GOD ALMIGHTY” that more and more people get healed by his acupuncture treatment.


I have lost my vision on my both eyes,it was mentally releived when Dr.Kalaiarasi went through my reports.She assured me that my problem can be treatable with accupuncture in 60days.There was a remarkable improvement within 10 days while undergone the treatment and now my vision slowly getting better and normal to view. Thanks to Dr.Kalaiarasi for the magic.

★ Naturopathy ★ Homoeopathy ★ Yoga ★ Acupunture ★ Varma Therapy ★